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  • Wed, Mar 22, 2017
  • Best Way to Sell Your Business

    Starting and growing a successful business takes a lot of hard work, passion, and dedication. Watching your idea turn into a profitable venture is a rewarding experience that every entrepreneur hopes to achieve at some point. But, as thrilling as it can be to have your own business, the time will come for owners to eventually pass the torch.  To help you avoid major issues and get the compensation that you deserve, the following are a few important tips on how to help prepare for the sale your business.

    Hire a Professional Business Advisor to facilitate a successful sale.

    Many sellers mistakenly think attempting to sell their business on their own is a good idea.  They haven’t thought about how they will properly value the business, how will they market the business, how will they negotiate the terms of the sale, and do all of this, while maintaining confidentiality and continuing to run their business at the same time.  The sale of a business is a complex process that involves the coordination of many moving parts, therefore, hiring a professional is always advisable. 

    Make sure your financials are organized.

    If an individual or company is serious about buying your business, they will want to get a full understanding of the financial health of the business. This will allow potential buyers to see just how profitable your business is and where the potential to make positive changes exist. By having all of the company financial information up-to-date and organized, demonstrates that you have adequate financial controls in place. Not keeping your financials organized is a major red flag for buyers and makes their ability to perform a proper due diligence extremely difficult, turning many buyers away. 

    Get your business looking its best.

    Most business sales are the single largest financial transactions of a person’s life.   With this much on the line, appearance plays an important role when it comes time to sell your business. Potential buyers will want to see your offices and facilities firsthand, so making sure you have everything looking its best is important. In addition to addressing facility repairs and cosmetic details, you also want to spend some time organizing all your business records in a way that will make the transition easy for everyone.