About Legacy Kansas City

Here at Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions we are all experienced and successful business owners with a wide range of experience. As M&A professionals we bring that experience and apply it to every deal we are a part of. We understand the sacrifices and risks every owner has taken to accomplish the level of success they have achieved. Our goal is to help any business owner who is ready to exit their business position and present themselves in the best way possible to achieve the highest and best offer for the business.

We have access to a large bank of buyers who are financially qualified. These buyers range from wealthy individuals, business owners, corporate executives, family offices and Private Equity Groups. When preparing the marketing package, we will consider both strategic and financial buyers. The goal being to connect the best suited buyer (financially and experience) with the owner seller.

We are in the business of helping business owners prepare for and sell their business. We have a nationwide presence as well as a local presence with an office here in Kansas City. The Kansas City office works with buyers and sellers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. All of us are experienced in working with business owners to help you get the highest and best price for your business. We work with buyers and sellers nationwide across all industries. It has been my experience that buyers often come from another industry and may be local but often are from another part of the state or country. We are very good at finding the right buyer for your business and making sure they are financially qualified to complete the transaction should they choose to.

Everything we do is confidential so no one ever knows your business is for sale until it is actually sold. We also qualify all buyers financially and they sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we release any information to them. And finally, when we work with you to place a value on the business we also get a bank/lender involved. This allows us to say to the buyer that we have a lender ready to loan to a qualified buyer. This is very powerful when it comes to getting a business sold. Most deals fall apart not because a buyer and seller are unable to agree on a price but because most lenders don't understand cash flow lending and this discourages buyers. We do our best to make that part of the process smooth and eliminate a buyer’s frustration with the lending process by connecting them and you with good lenders who understand cash flow lending!!

My goal is to work with you and help you get the highest and best price for your business!

A typical sale will usually take between 6-9 months before an offer is accepted and then approximately 45-60 days to complete due diligence, financing, appraisals etc..... This is an average and can vary so use it only as information to help you plan.

We are conservative, we would rather under promise and over deliver. Value is always directly related to cash flow. Many CPA's and Accountants may understand EBITDA and SBA Adjusted Cash Flow in relation to the value of a business but are out of touch with market value and the unique value related to business buyers and lenders who specialize in cash flow lending.

With that said it is often not the value of a business that kills a deal but the financing. We have a great relationship with lenders who are familiar with and specialize in cash flow lending. The bottom line is we work with buyers to help them become business owners and with you the seller to make it as smooth a process as possible. A win/win for everyone.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have other questions.

Thanks again for considering the Legacy team as the best choice to work with you in the process of buying or selling a business.

For more information or to have a direct discussion with one of our brokers please contact us today.