On the buy side, we are experts at analyzing the markets, finding potential sellers, negotiating and structuring the deal, and connecting you with banks and lenders for financing if needed. We have also formed solid relationships with experienced transaction attorney’s and CPA’s who know and understand the process of buying a business.

We work hard to make sure that our interests are firmly aligned with you our client. We have formed relationships with business owners in a wide variety of industries. Many of these businesses are not listed for sale but would sell to a buyer who is serious and financially qualified. We are very good at working with potential sellers and providing them with the needed information to convince them to enter in to a discussion with you the buyer. We also have new listings coming on the market on a regular basis. Our primary focus is in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We are centrally located with our office in Kansas City Missouri.

We also provide buyer search services to business buyers who would like to find that “Perfect Match”. We work with both financial and strategic buyers. If you have been looking for a business to buy and have had no success then this is an excellent option to consider. A buyer search is an excellent way to find a business that is not listed for sale but the owner is considering selling. For more information about this service please contact us.

As a buyer, when a business owner first considers selling their business, it is best to have expert advice on how to successfully move forward and consider making an offer and what your options are. We also offer operational and valuation advisory that will greatly enhance the value of your target enterprise after the closing and purchase of the business.

All buyers are expected to provide a limited amount of information about themselves and their qualifications to purchase the business they are interested in. The more we know about you, the more likely it is we will find a business you will be interested in. The more information we provide the seller, the better your chances of having an offer accepted. We require a buyer profile in addition to the Confidentiality Agreement prior to disclosing any confidential information for any of our business listings.

We ensure that every privately-held business we work with is buyer ready, complete with the last 3 years of detailed financials, tax returns and current year to date financials. Once you have signed a non-disclosure agreement we will provide you with a confidential information memorandum describing the business and giving you more detailed information about the owner(s) and the history of the business along with the above listed financials. Also, once a non-disclosure agreement has been signed we will arrange a meeting with the owner of the business any time you are ready. We feel it is important for a buyer and seller to meet as soon as possible. Buying a business is as much about the relationship and trust you have in the seller as it is in the financials.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a first-time buyer. The process of purchasing a business for many can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. For some, the purchase of a business is to fulfill a lifelong dream of financial independence.  For others, you are looking to grow your current business through acquisition. At Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions we are experienced professionals who have walked in your shoes. We are business owners who understand how you feel and what is important to you. Our task is to work with you to accomplish your goal of expanding your current business through acquisition or becoming a business owner for the first time.

Thank you in advance for trusting Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions to help you in that process.

For more information or to have a direct discussion with one of our brokers please contact us today.