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Charlotte, North Carolina
Call us at (704) 944-1818

Who Is Legacy?

Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions is a team of experienced business owners and mergers and acquisitions professionals. We bring to the table a wide range of experiences in the Charlotte business world and apply that experience to the deals we assist. As business owners, we have a unique understanding of the risks that our clients take as they strive for success. We help our clients navigate the complex business transaction process from start to finish. Our goal is to help guide you through your next business transaction with the understanding you need to make informed decisions.

How We Help Business Owners

For business owners in Charlotte, Legacy brings experience and expertise across a multitude of industries. If you are considering selling your business, our Charlotte Advisors can assist you in creating an exit plan that aligns with your goals. We will help you determine the optimal timing for your sale and provide guidance in how to maximize the value of your company. By developing the right structure for the sale and effectively managing the process, we will help you maximize the value of your transaction.

How We Help Buyers

For buyers, our Charlotte Advisors will help you find the right business. We assist buyers in analyzing markets, finding sellers, negotiating purchases and structuring the final deal. We can also connect buyers with potential financing. We have built solid relationships with CPAs, transaction attorneys, and financial planners who may also become part of your deal team. Because the Legacy team consists of previous business owners, we understand the importance of finding the business that best aligns with your overall goals.

Service with Your Goals in Mind

At Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions, our goal is to protect your best interests. We will help you navigate the complex business transaction process from start to finish.  We will value your business, communicate how you can increase your business value, identify your key value drivers, and analyze how your business compares to your competition. We can help with sales or purchases, and find financing that suits your needs. Our Charlotte Advisors are successful business owners who are ready to work with you. Contact Legacy today to learn more about how our services can help you with your goals.