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Call us at (864) 729-2240

Call us at (864) 729-2240

About Legacy

Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions is a team of skilled Advisors who have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the business sales process. Are you thinking about selling your business? Are you starting to consider your options for buying an existing business? Our team in Greenville, SC, has the capabilities to value your business, assist with selling your company, or help you buy a promising business. We will use our decades of experience to guide you through the process and help you make an informed business decision.


If selling your business is a consideration, let the experienced team at Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions help you get the best price in the marketplace.  We will align with your goals, mutually agree on the value of your business, confidentially take your business to market and lead the deal making process.  Selling your business takes a tremendous amount of work and preparation.  We will guide you through our proprietary process that covers everything from planning to closing.  Our Advisors in Greenville, SC are here to help you achieve your goals.


Buying an existing business can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Are you excited about the new insight and expertise you can bring to a business that still has so much more potential? Are you nervous about navigating through all the details and paperwork that are involved in the transaction of buying a business? Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions can offer professional guidance.

You never want to pay more for a business than what it is worth, so our Advisors in Greenville, SC, can accurately determine the business value before you finalize any agreement. We can assist with finding financing and all of the closing details. The team at Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions understands the entire process of buying a business, allowing you to benefit from our experience.

Value Driver

When you work with Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions, our Advisors will be by your side to help you obtain the results you desire. We can help increase the value of your business, increase your cash flow, determine your business value, understand how your business compares to others, increase your market share, and more. Contact our Advisors in Greenville, SC today for a consultation.