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Call us at (816) 892-0055

Call us at (816) 892-0055

About Legacy

Here at Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions, we are all experienced and successful business owners with a wide range of experience. As M&A professionals we bring that experience and apply it to every deal we are a part of. We understand the sacrifices and risks every owner has taken to accomplish the level of success they have achieved. Our goal is to help any business owner who is ready to exit their business position and present themselves in the best way possible to achieve the highest and best offer for the business. Read More >>


A question I get asked often when speaking with business owners is “When is the right time to sell my business?” And…..Right behind that is “What do you think my business is worth?” Here at Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions we have the experience and tools to answer both of those questions and many more. The process of selling a business if structured and managed right has one main goal and purpose and that is to get you the owner the highest and best price from a buyer you approve of and believe will carry on your Legacy.  Read More >>


On the buy side, we are experts at analyzing the markets, finding potential sellers, negotiating and structuring the deal, and connecting you with banks and lenders for financing if needed. We have also formed solid relationships with experienced transaction attorney’s and CPA’s who know and understand the process of buying a business.

We work hard to make sure that our interests are firmly aligned with you our client. We have formed relationships with business owners in a wide variety of industries. Many of these businesses are not listed for sale but would sell to a buyer who is serious and financially qualified.  Read More >>

Value Driver

Are you interested in increasing the value of your business? Are you satisfied with your current income? Do you know the answer to the question “What is your business worth”? Does increasing business value increase business income? Do you know what the key value drivers are for your business? Do you know how your company compares to its peers? Would you like to increase your market share? The business consultants at Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions have the experience and tools to answer these questions and many more. Every business consultant at Legacy M&A is or has been a successful business owner. We bring decades of experience to every transaction we are involved in.  Read More >>