Why Choose Legacy?

Why Use LegacyAt Legacy, it's not just about the sale or the purchase of a business.  We are very passionate about helping people reach their goals.  As we state in our company slogan it's "Your Business, Your Life, Your Legacy".  We treat every client and every transaction with this in mind.  Our process guides our clients from listing to closing in an orderly fashion and allows our sellers to remain focused on running their business, while we confidentially coordinate the transaction process.  Our Advisors not only have decades of business valuation and transaction experience, but we are all experienced business owners, which helps us relate to the unique challenges faced by our clients.  We truly strive to provide our clients with excellent service in all we do.


Why Use A CBI or M&AMI?

Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI) and Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediaries (M&AMI) are experienced Business Advisors who are committed to the highest level of professional development the industry has to offer and have ethical values aligned with the IBBA and M&A Source standards of professionalism. These designations provide the Advisor the ability to objectively guide clients through the intricacies of the entire marketing and negotiation process of a business sale, resulting in successful transactions and satisfied clients.

A CBI/M&AMI offers the most experienced professional representation available during the process of selling or buying a business. Along with having undergone a specialized initial program of detailed training, these designations require Advisors to earn continuing education credits to maintain the credential.  There are less than 400 CBI's worldwide and less than 100 M&AMI's worldwide as of the Fall 2016 Industry Conference.