Steve Cobb

Steve Cobb, a Managing Partner with Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions, and a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), offers years of financial experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Controller, International Auditor and Derivatives Trader.

The first 11 years of his financial career were spent with auto & truck part manufacturing giant, Dana Corporation.  He worked in South America for 4 years with Dana, serving as the Group Controller for Dana Argentina, playing a key role in the acquisition of 3 companies.

Steve has also been an owner in a logistics and manufacturing company, a human resource company, a restaurant & bar, and a food franchise.He also launched his own trading business, managing stock, futures and mutual fund portfolios for over 14 years.

Steve’s financial perspective is unparalleled and offers a unique dimension to the services offered by Legacy.  “We are committed to educating clients and having honest discussion with them,” says Steve, “to help them make sound financial decisions for themselves and their families.”